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Art and design is a passion of mine and has been all my adult life. I love being creative in everything I do. I am an enthusiastic individual, with a thirst for knowledge. i have worked hard to get to where i am and will continue to do so. My design career started on a Foundation for Art and Design course at Batley school of Art and Design. After a Year on Foundation I found myself applying to The University of Huddersfield where I was accepted onto The Surface Design for Fashion and Interiors course, this fed my passion to become a designer and image-maker. Today I like to create my own designs and learn more about my personal design style.  
Inbetween my second and final year at university i undertook a placement year.
my year consisted of six different placements:

-Two weeks at Thornback and Peel as a Studio Assistant 
-One month at TESCO as a Print Design and Textile Assistant in the Womans department
-One month at Matalan as a Design Assistant in Mens and Home department
-Three months at Oxfam Online as an Online Sales Manager 
-Two weeks at Hannah Nunn Ltd ( as a Studio Assistant
-Six months at Melrose Textiles in Bradford as a Design Assistant of Rugs and Carpetin


Inspired by the relationship between nature and industrialism, the collection uses a fusion of gothic architecture and free living botanicals to create intricate patterns. Layers of soft strokes and harsh geometrics join together to create a unique wall panel to inspire a different view of the world.


These are a collection of prints i created for my final major project.
Graduating from The University of Huddersfield with a First Class Honors degree Alice was ready to take the next step into the creative world and become a designer, however after the loss of a family member Alice’s future seemed more uncertain. The only thing Alice felt confident enough to fall back on was her creativity. Having an outlet and purpose again drove the designer to create her most recent collection of samples. The collection is about the designer finding her feet and getting back on track. Using some of the same inspirations as project ‘In Strata’ the new project ‘Origin’ shows how diverse patterns and design can be. Applying a geometric pattern over a soft painted print shows what different effects and styles can be created. The diversity of design is what drives the designers practice.
Design can evoke many different emotions, however the calmness to be felt from creating is one that is incomparable. Alice McBride is currently looking for her first design role. she is also willing to freelance and is open to collaboration projects.


  1. Origin
  1. Mineral Collection
  2. Mineral Collection
  3. Mineral Collection
  4. Mineral Collection
  5. Origin collection

Designs as part of Project Origin

Designs as part of Project Origin

Mark Making Collection

Ebyss Collection

  1. Interiors Visualisation
  2. Interiors Visualisation
  3. Interiors Visualisation
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